Furniture hewn from reclaimed barn wood is imbued with a rich history and stunning elegance that simply cannot be replicated. With reclaimed barn wood offerings in bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living, and lifestyle furniture, Mattie Lu has a variety of styles and options that will feed your imagination and beautify your home.

Our reclaimed barn wood furniture goes through a rigorous process to ensure the quality and safety of each piece. After a centuries-old building is chosen for disassembly, the wood is carefully removed from the structure and taken to a lumber yard. There, the barn wood is run through a metal detector so that all nails and metal parts are tagged and removed before being kiln-dried. This step removes 93% of the wood’s moisture and also kills any insects residing in the antique wood. From that point, the wood is able to be cut and fashioned into the pieces you see and love at Mattie Lu.

This eco-friendly design can be accompanied and accentuated with recycled leather for another choice that is low-impact on the environment while still projecting beauty and panache. Other choices to completely customize the piece to your needs and tastes include:

• Size (including height of chairs, bar stools and tables)
• Leaves (for benches and tables)
• Skirt (for benches and tables)
• Dining table edge
• Open knots filled with epoxy
• Hardware