When it comes to style and quality, Mattie Lu leaves no stone unturned when searching for the very best and finest Amish furniture for our customers. We pride ourselves in curating pieces that are both functional and art, that will be loved by your family for years to come, and that are created, produced, and shipped, all in the United States.

Turn your idea into a design
At Mattie Lu, we love when our customers use their creativity to design pieces that are perfect for their homes and families. Not inspired or love what we’re showing? That’s okay too! You can select any of the furnishings just as they are… or have one of our master craftsmen completely customize a piece that is exactly what you want.

Choose your piece of furniture, wood species, stain, specialty finishes, size specifications, and other available options. Your furniture should reflect your personality, fit your home, and function perfectly with your lifestyle. As you shop, we encourage you to measure the space where your purchases will be placed.

We love the small part we get to play in turning your dream into a reality. If you have any questions or need help throughout this process, simply contact us through phone, email, or online chat. We are excited to assist you.

We’ll turn your design into an order
It can be tough to make decisions when there are so many fantastic options! If you’re undecided on the wood species, stain, and/or finishing, just ask and we’ll send you 4” x 4” samples to assist with your selection. (To take advantage of this offer, simply see Order Samples for more information.)

Once you’ve made up your mind and have picked the pieces most perfect for you, our checkout process is stress-free. Appropriate taxes (for Texas residents only) and shipping will be added to the total at checkout. Make sure to review your order; once the order is submitted, we’ll no longer be able to make changes. (Although we will also review all orders prior to submitting them to our craftsmen. If there is an issue, we will contact you.) If you wish, we accept orders over the phone as well. Throughout the process, we’ll update you regularly.

Our craftsmen will turn your order into reality
Mattie Lu will process and submit all orders to our Amish builders within three days of your order submission. We know you’ll be bursting with anticipation, but please be advised that all good things take time, especially when every inch of your order is being built, customized, and artfully crafted by hand. Depending on your order, it may take four to ten weeks for our builders to create your piece. Once they leave the workshop, they head to the finishing shop where your heirloom-quality furniture will be carefully protected to ensure a lifetime of beauty. This part of the process usually takes between one and two weeks.

Your order status page will provide you an estimated completion date. While the dates are approximate and could change as our Amish builders work to bring your dream to life, we’ll make every effort to make sure your home furnishings get to you as soon as they can.

We’ll take care of moving your dream into your home
Once your piece is ready to make its debut in your home, it is packaged precisely and carefully to safeguard your handcrafted Amish furnishings from damage. A professional furniture mover will retrieve your order from the finisher and deliver it to you in approximately two to three weeks. Each and every order is precisely packaged to safeguard your Amish furnishings from potential damage. You’ll be contacted directly by the mover to schedule the delivery. Please remember that someone 18 years of age or older must be present at time of the delivery.

Pop Some Champagne!
Once the movers stage your furnishings exactly where you want them, it’s time to celebrate! Admire it, enjoy it, and begin using it.

If your piece is damaged…
Take some time to thoroughly inspect your furniture for damage. Damage to your furniture is extremely rare, but it can happen. Note any damage or issues in detail on the delivery receipt provided by the driver and sign the document. (Make sure to do this when the driver is still at your home because he or she will need to sign the document and give you a copy of the delivery receipt.) In the event of missing pieces, the driver must note the shortage on the receipt before you sign the document. This process must be followed in order to successfully complete the insurance claim paperwork.

After the Delivery
We are intrinsically invested in your furnishings and your family. We’d love to know how your Mattie Lu furniture is inspiring you. Review us on our website, submit a testimonial, and snap a photo. We want to know how we did, but more importantly, we want to know how you’re enjoying your order.