Around the table, in a deliciously scented kitchen, or over a late-night bowl of ice cream… the conversation and memories made around food and in kitchens and dining rooms are ones that are indelibly written on our hearts. We want to help you create the perfect space for family gatherings, conversations over tea, and holidays shared with loved ones. From hutches, buffets, sideboards and wine cabinets to pie safes, coffee bars and kitchen islands, there are so many ways to bring the art of entertaining to your home.


As with all of our products, the features and options vary depending on the builder, but there are some options that are popular and available for many of our hutches, buffets, sideboards and wine cabinets:
• Mullions (the bar that separates window panes)
• Shiplap back (rustic, stylized boards that are used to face the backs of furniture)
• Open and closed deck
• Dovetail drawer boxes

Up the ante in style and use of your piece with extra flair like an anti-tarnish silverware liner, punched metal door panels, and stained-glass panes. These options are available only on some pieces, but they will be noted with the product.








Adding a butcher block to your kitchen is a wonderfully diverse and useful option. To lengthen the life of a butcher block, here are a few notes regarding care:
• Avoid drying the block out by keeping it away from excessive heat, like the oven
• Blocks that require weekly oiling will come with a bottle of oil for your convenience
• Instructions specific to your block will be delivered with your piece


Grab a plate of pancakes and a tall pitcher of orange juice and get ready for your new breakfast nook. Create a cozy space in your kitchen with the custom-built and customized table and bench options from our builders. From style to size to upholstery, we want to make sure that your vision becomes a reality.


Enjoy the same precise and style-forward eye on quality and function with our kitchen accoutrements. Handcrafted kitchen tools, cookbook holders, Lazy Susan’s, wooden bowls, cutting boards, and kitchen bins will make cooking a joy… and keep your space looking snazzy, too.