Mattie Lu furnishings are built to last a lifetime. With luxurious designs, impressive features, solid wood construction, and impeccable Amish craftsmanship, our pieces are meant to be family heirlooms. Properly caring for your furniture will ensure that they can be. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t do for your furniture will maintain its beautiful condition for generations to come.

There’s nothing more spectacular than the glow clean furniture produces. Be sure to use a soft, clean cloth and only mild, non-alkaline soap and water. Follow the grain in the wood with your cloth for best results. Avoid using polish with silicone and make sure to dry immediately with a soft cloth after cleaning.

Furniture does best in a humidity-controlled environment, and the humidity level should be between 35% - 45%. Outside of that range, the wood can expand and contract too much, warping your furniture and voiding your warranty. Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight to prevent it from fading, and away from radiators or heat sources.

Our solid wood construction makes for spectacular pieces, and while the wood is impressively sturdy, it can be delicate, too. Placing hot, cold or sharp items directly on your pieces can permanently damage them. Always use a smooth trivet or coaster with dishes, and avoid using nail polish, alcohol, or other solvents around your furniture.

The majority of our furnishings include a warranty from the Amish builder. However, the warranty will only cover defects of the furniture. The builders do not extend warranties to cover accidents or furniture misuse. Wood will naturally change over time. Even in the most pristine, temperature controlled environments, wood will expand and contract with age. This process sometimes causes cracks, which only adds to the unique charm of your furniture. These small cracks are considered natural wear and tear, and are not covered under builder warranty. Severe cracks will be covered, so long as the recommended environment was maintained. You will be responsible for any shipping costs for the furniture to be inspected if a warranty claim is made.

At Mattie Lu, we are committed to providing you with once in a lifetime furniture for those once in a lifetime moments. Properly caring for your purchases will allow your treasured memories and pieces to stay in your family for many years to come.