The meaning of “poly” (“much, many”) is probably common knowledge. We see it often in our language: polygon, polygraph, polyglot. But what about polywood? Perhaps less known and even less used in our everyday vocabulary, polywood is a highly coveted furniture material that, we hope after reading this, will become a more actively used term in your everyday. And that’s because polywood, an eco-friendly wood-alternative lumber, is fast becoming a must-have material for furniture makers and buyers alike.

For outdoor furniture especially, we turn to polywood for its long list of benefits. Aside from being undeniably beautiful (it very closely mimics the classic look of traditional wood), it boasts an array of other attractive qualities, too. Consider how quickly most outdoor furniture shows wear and tear. Rain, direct sun exposure, high winds and a series of other complicated weather patterns can quickly turn all wooden furniture, from outdoor loveseat gliders to hanging bird feeders, to an unrecognizable and grossly warped mess. With each passing season, traditional, wood-made outdoor furniture will necessitate anything from sanding to teaking and painting in order to maintain its original luster.

But polywood? Well, that’s just not the case. Comprised of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, polywood is an eco-friendly material you can feel good about purchasing. If the aforementioned sun and elements have you worried, fear not: polywood has a UV ray protector that promises to fight fading. But its benefits don’t end there. Poly is a no-nonsense choice in lumber, and by that we mean no maintenance required. You can forget about painting, scraping or teaking. You can also forget about termites (poly is completely resistant). It’s in this way that polywood furniture was made for the outdoors. And for where to buy Amish outdoor furniture? Look no further, because you’re in just the right place.

For your patio? Might we recommend a pair of poly Adirondack chairs, the perfect complement to your lawn and garden decor and Sunday afternoon ice teas alike. For your porch? Unique Amish wind chimes will keep you in tune with the seasons. For your feathered friends? Durable Amish bird feeders will attract lively and colorful birds to your yard. For the whole family, including the little ones? Discover a modern assortment of kids’ outdoor furniture, all here at Mattie Lu. Because online furniture shopping should be painless, and most of all easy. Welcome to a summer spent entirely outdoors!