It’s in the summer months that we’re simultaneously capricious and listless, eager to both relax and explore, and overall to simply enjoy the longer days. If you’ve been tuning in, we’ve been talking about this season quite a bit. That’s because, with so much to do, it’s a hard time of year to hate. Despite the heat, there’s an overwhelming sense of ease that permeates the air, and with each waking moment we aim to find joy in the day. And though spending time outdoors is fun, our schedules chockfull of quintessentially summer BBQ’s, family reunions and camping excursions, sometimes it’s the time spent indoors that help round out our days. And for that, we’ve got just the things to make family gatherings, sleepovers and game night alike just as much a part of summer as roasted marshmallows over the campfire.

Some homes have rooms designated for recreation. Others have a coffee table fit for small family fetes. Whatever the case, for a summer that’s bursting with pastime’s aplenty, you’re in the right place. Like pool tables, for instance. Because late night billiards doesn’t have to be reserved for your local dive. Take your cues (then pardon the pun) from our refined inventory of pool tables so that you can delight in the pleasures of the game in the comfort of your own home. And whether your style is classic or contemporary, fear not. You’ll find an array of styles ranging from the deluxe Caledonia Pool Table to the nostalgic Caldwell style to fit your personal aesthetic.

Love a table game but billiards not your thing? Try this fun-for-all air hockey table with an updated, streamlined design to fill your rec room. (And because we know you’re wondering: yes, there’s shuffle board and foosball, too.)

Sometimes summer isn’t just about the games. Beyond checkers and cribbage – which, don’t get us wrong, we love – longer days mean there’s also time for hobbies. For the woodworkers and needle workers out there, meet the craft stations of your dreams.

It’s your summer, and it’s time you define ‘fun’ any way you choose.