With summer comes a shift in moods, relaxation being top of mind. And certainly, that invites a slew of adult activities, like sipping a summer cocktail on your back porch or crossing off your summer reading list in your garden hammock. But there comes a time – perhaps just as you’ve sat down to finally enjoy that first sip of said summer cocktail – when you remember your darling children are on summer break, and looking to you to entertain them for their three months of wide open agendas. And so you too can enjoy your summer as much as your kiddos, here’s what to do.

We’re not suggesting you placate your children, but something that aids in their recreation while also encouraging their imaginations to soar should highly incentivize a purchase like this one. A backyard playset not only inspires children to be outdoors, a feat in today’s world, but it also offers a reason for them to be active. The durability of construction that is offered in the custom designs of our Amish craftsmen ensures that your children won’t just have fun, they’ll be safe too.

The barbecue is a summer staple, and one we value very highly. Beyond hot dogs, hamburgers and watermelon slices, it’s also a time to gather outside and enjoy time with family and friends. Kids, too, enjoy a BBQ as much as the next person. It’s scientific fact (or so we’ve heard…). But with a picnic table that’s made for them, they like it all the better. (Whether that’s science or not, well, we’ll leave that up to the experts.) Needless to say, children of all shapes and sizes will feel privileged to sit at the kids’ table with this custom number in their backyard (and this one or this one, too!).

What’s summer without a sleepover? Better yet, what’s a sleepover without a bunk bed? Make your house the neighborhood gathering spot for ghost stories and late-night chit-chat with a custom bunk bed that lets kids hang out in style. And to really up the ante on your average bunk, try one with a bookcase and bottom double bed.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming. (There’s a great recipe for a summer cocktail here to get you started.)