Like most of us, summer is the season we most look forward to. It’s the season that seems to have it all: the days are longer, the temperature tolerable, and something about the combination makes time stand still. Though the hustle and bustle of the daily grind doesn’t quite go away, it somehow seems more manageable knowing that an end-of-the-day cocktail awaits us. That may not sound too different from any other time of year, but the languid, unhurried summer months allow one major difference: the choice to enjoy said cocktail outdoors. So whether you find yourself on your own deck, patio or elsewhere in the great outdoors after work and on the weekends, these are the essentials to make those gin and tonics feel all the better.

There’s a common misconception regarding traditional Amish furniture, one we’d like to dispel right here and right now. Amish furniture is not relegated to solid wood furniture. The collections run far wider in variety than you might imagine. Think fire rings, open fire grills and customizable garden planter boxes made from a large range of materials. And if you’ll be spending most summer evenings in your own outdoor space, then it’s time to start considering how to make your deck, patio or veranda feel like the outdoor living room it was destined to be. Not sure where to start? Consider anchoring your communal outdoor seating by adding a custom fire pit. Create ambient lighting with unique metal tiki torches, which happen to be the perfect complement to patio gardening containers and plant stands.

If summer, for you, means time spent outdoors in another way, we’re here to help you there too. Because sitting fireside doesn’t have to be a backyard-specific occasion. We just so happen to love a good campfire in the great outdoors as much as the next person, which is why we stock a myriad of camping essentials. Some of our favorite, must-have items include the fire pit popcorn popper and the hot dog stick and grill. Because as far as we are concerned, it isn’t a real campout until the hot dogs arrive.

No matter where your “wish you were here” postcards are sent from this summer, just make sure you’re doing it all in style.