Our dining tables and benches are crafted by premier Amish builders who specialize in these beautiful and meaningful furnishings. Care and expertise are poured into every inch of our dining tables and benches so that they are the perfect setting for your memorable get-togethers — holidays and celebrations — as well as your everyday use — pizza nights and family dinners.




Dining room tables set the tone for everything from large soirees to holiday dinners to small get-togethers… so you want it to be absolutely perfect. You’re in luck! Our dining tables are fully customizable so that you can choose every detail to match what suits your tastes and needs. Some of the options depend on the style of table and craftsman.
• Up to two wood species (for the table top and base)
• Stain
• Specialty finish
• Size
• Extensions
• Table top shape
• Table edge designs
• Other options specific to the piece


Choosing the type of wood is just as important as selecting the style and finish of your hardwood furnishings. The intrinsic beauty of each hardwood is subtly different… but beautiful all the same. While not all woods are available for all styles, we offer the following wood species: Brown Maple, Cherry, Elm, Hard Maple, Hickory, Oak, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Walnut, Rustic Cherry, Rustic Hickory, Rustic Oak, Rustic Quarter Sawn White Oak, Rustic Walnut, Sap Cherry, Knotty Alder, and Wormy Maple.


Choosing a rustic or knotty wood species offers you a perfectly unique piece of furniture each and every time. This wood choice provides natural knots that vary in shape, structure, size, and color. While the majority of builders will fill open knots — except in Live Edge furniture — you do have the option to leave them open for a delightfully rustic feel. When ordering, please make sure that you specify if the holes should be filled.


What’s under a table is just as important as what’s on it. And with our gifted Amish builders, there are so many options for what supports those carefully hewn table tops. The six styles we offer are:
• Single Pedestal
• Double Pedestal
• Leg
• Trestle
• Cabinet Base
• Pub

Our expert builders also offer three heights:
• Standard
• Counter
• Bar


Your dining table will be a stunning show-stopper. But to keep your table looking fantastic for years into the future, you’ll want to make sure you order according to some of the confines of your wood species or style.

Most hardwoods are opened-grained. That means that humidity and temperature cause solid wood furniture to expand and contract, even with protective finishes. Indoor humidity is recommended to be 35-45% to minimize these deleterious effects. However, plank top tables’ reactions to humidity and temperature means that offsets occur between the panel and breadboards, creating separation and warping for an otherwise perfect table. For this reason, there are some wood species that are not recommended for plank top tables: Elm, Hickory, Rustic Hickory, and Hard Maple.


The shape of your table top is just as important as its size. You’ll want to think about the use of the piece as well as the size and shape of the room over which it will be presiding. As with our furniture, options are dependent upon the builder and the table’s style. Shapes include:
• Banquet
• Boat
• Bow End
• Clipped Corners
• Octagon
• Oval
• Rectangle
• Round
• Scallop – Oval or Round
• Square
• Square with Rounded Corners
• Tapered
• Unique shapes for particular tables


Grace your table top with an elegant and carefully crafted edge. While some table edges are specific to certain tables, most options are available for most styles. The table edge designs we offer are:
• Bevel
• Chamfer
• Mission
• Ogee
• Roundover
• Underbevel
• Waterfall
• Designs unique to specific table styles


Add and subtract space easily while providing exactly enough room for your guests with table leaves created with the same love and attention to detail as your table. Leaf sizes include 12”, 16”, and 18” and styles include standard, self-store, and butterfly. Depending on the table style, some sizes and styles may be unavailable.


Keep your table top aloft on strikingly beautiful legs that round out your vision for your dining room. While some styles are specific to certain tables, there are an array of options available from our expert craftsmen:
• Round Shaker
• Traditional
• Country
• Country Diamond
• Country Reeded
• Shaker
• Belmont Reeded
• Belmont Rope



We offer a variety of possibilities for bench-style seating, which can absolutely transform the feel and tone of your dining or kitchen room. While many dining tables have matching benches available, you can get creative and mix and match styles and designs for a truly unique-to-you look. We also offer solid topped and extendable benches to match your needs for seating in your home. Solid topped benches have a fixed length while extendable benches can add leaves, growing the seating capabilities.