Amish Made Wild Birds Feeder with 2 Suet Cakes

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Refill your suet feeder a little less often when you double up and offer two cakes at a time with our Amish Made Wild Birds Feeder with 2 Suet Cakes. The expanded size of this piece allows you to serve multiple birds at once and can prevent larger birds from driving away smaller species, too. This delightful piece is designed and built by Amish craftsmen to be used year-round and to hold not one, but two suet cakes at a time. Reduce the amount of time you’ll spend filling the feeder and increase the number of birds you can attract and enjoy each day with the Suet Feeder (2#).

11”w x 5”d x 16”h

• Made with eco-friendly polywood (poly) and stainless steel screws
• 2# Suet holder with tail prop
• Removable roof for easy filling
• Made in the USA

Color combinations:
• Available in 20 poly colors

Benefits of Polywood:
• Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
• Poly lumber is smooth to the touch (no splinters)
• Low maintenance – no painting, staining, or sealing
• UV stabilized to prevent fading
• Durable and easy to clean

Select this unique, made-to-order furnishing displayed on our website, or have one of our builders completely customize a piece that’s just right for you. Your Amish-made product should reflect your personality, fit well into your outdoor oasis, and function perfectly for your furry and feathered friends.

Made by Amish builders. Designed by you.

Want to see images and learn more about polywood? Check out this link.


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