Exquisite Amish Furniture Designed by You

Modern Day Heirlooms

Combining old-world techniques with contemporary styling, our Amish furniture is designed to last for generations. Discover our high quality, American-made, premium hardwood furniture that's made to stand the test of time.

Your Vision Made to Order

Our curated collection is just the starting point for your creativity. Choose from solid premium hardwoods and a variety of styles to create your own personalized design, made right here in the USA by Amish craftsmen.

Furniture Shopping Redefined

At Mattie Lu, you're the designer...but you're never alone. From our free concierge and design services to our loyalty program, we're here 24/7 to make your online furniture purchase an enjoyable experience at a price you'll love.

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Like most of us, summer is the season we most look forward to. It’s the season that seems to have it all: the days are longer, the temperature tolerable, and something about the combination makes time stand still. Though the hustle and bustle of…
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The meaning of “poly” (“much, many”) is probably common knowledge. We see it often in our language: polygon, polygraph, polyglot. But what about polywood? Perhaps less known and even less used in our everyday vocabulary, polywood is a highly cove…
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